Macy's Liquidation Program


Wholesale Overstocks Closeouts Shelf-Pulls and Customer Returns How To Buy Macy's Overstock Bulk Items in Wholesale Lots Directly or from a Wholesale Distributor of Macy's Surplus excess Inventory

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  Macy's overstocks closeouts shelf-pulls and customer returns can be purchased directly from Macy's Liquidation program. Macy's runs several regional return center to process their excess inventory.

  You can obtain a salvage contract to buy wholesale lots of Macy's overstock apparel. To buy directly from Macy's Liquidation Program you need the following.


  • Business License or Articles of Incorporation

  • Federal Tax I. D. (E. I. N.)

  • State Resell Tax License

 Macy's overstocks closeouts and customer returns can also be purchased from Trading Companies or Liquidators. When buying from a wholesale distributor you have the advantage of buying smaller lots of surplus bulk items.